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Deposit Accounts

Dugway offers four deposit accounts to take care of your money today, tomorrow, the next few years, and your golden years.

Share Draft (Checking)

The account for taking care of expenses and bills. We all have bills and expenses and need a way to pay them conveniently. For most of us, the share draft (checking) account is the answer. And at Dugway FCU, we don't charge checking account fees like banks do.

For your convenience, you can even have your paycheck deposited directly into your checking account on payday, saving you a trip to the credit union (though we love to have you stop by and visit whenever you like). And with direct deposit, you get limited overdraft protection on your checking account, avoiding the expense and hassle of those high fees from a (Oops!) bounced check.

No-fee checking. Direct deposit. Overdraft protection.

Three good reasons for Dugway FCU to be the home of your checking account.

Share (savings)

With the basic, no frills share account you can make a withdrawal at any time, so it's ideal for saving toward that special purchase or just putting money away for a rainy day. Dividend (interest) rates vary according to the amount you have on deposit.

Saving is a good habit, and Dugway FCU offers two ways to save:

  • Savings account: the basic, no frills account. You can make a withdrawal at any time. Dividend (interest) rates vary according to the amount you have on deposit.
  • Shared Certificate: the perfect way to save long term where your dividend rate can double the regular savings account rates.

There are many good reasons to save money and whatever your reason, Dugway FCU has the right savings account for you.

Shared Certificate:

Our one year term certificate is the perfect way to save long term where your dividend rate is double the regular savings account rates. A good account to use when you know you won't need the money for a while.

Individual Retirement Account:

IRAs are a tax-deferred way to create financial security for your golden years. You can never start planning — and saving — for your retirement too early. Even if it's that small amount you can spare every payday, you'll be surprised how it can add up. Now's the time to start saving for your retirement while you save on your income taxes.

What is the advantage of an IRA over a regular savings account or certificate of deposit?

Quite simply, you save on your income taxes.

With a Traditional IRA, the interest earned isn't taxed as income until you withdraw the money. In some instances (and you should get advice from a tax professional about this), you can take a tax deduction when you place money into a Traditional IRA.

The Roth IRA's earned interest is never taxed as income; however, with a Roth IRA, you aren't allowed to take a tax deduction when you place money into it.

You can even "roll over" a retirement account sponsored by a previous employer, such as 401k or pension into an IRA account.

Keep in mind that an IRA is for your retirement, and once you place money into it, withdrawing all or part of it before you reach the allowed age will trigger penalties and taxes. The best strategy is to budget your contributions to your IRA and then ignore it when it comes to planning your spending.

Again, a tax professional can advise you about which type of IRA is best for you. Once you've decided on your retirement saving strategy, come see us. We'll help you get started.

With free checking, competitive savings rates, and deposits insured up to $250,000... Why not open or add to your Dugway FCU account today?


For those times when you need to borrow.

Dugway FCU offers both secured and unsecured loans with competitive rates for those expensive but necessary (or perhaps not necessary but oh, so nice) purchases.

Secured loans

For new or used autos, recreational vehicles, boats and trailers. Or a pledged share loan for... anything you want!

Major purchases often require financing. When it's time to take the plunge, come see us before you start shopping. We'll help you decide how much you can afford to spend and calculate your payment so you can plan your budget. Then you can go out and shop with confidence.

Unsecured loans: line of credit and signature loans.

Out of the blue, the car breaks down, the dentist says you need a crown, or your computer crashes and it needs to be replaced. Unforeseen expenses happen. Maybe you're taking that dream vacation, it's time to plan that special occasion, or you need some new furniture. Whether you're solving a problem or creating a memory, consider a signature loan. Or plan ahead and set up a line of credit. Either way, we can help.

When you find that you need a loan, whatever the reason, consider Dugway FCU's competitive rates.

Membership has its benefits!


Here's a quick list of Dugway FCU's Services

  • Boat, Trailer, and RV loans
  • Cash advances
  • Christmas club accounts
  • Computer and furniture loans
  • Fax services
  • Gift and travel cards
  • Individual retirement accounts
  • Low interest auto loans
  • Money orders
  • Notary service
  • Savings accounts
  • Share draft (checking) accounts including Direct deposits
  • Signature loans
  • Visa Bill Pay
  • Wire transfers
Looking to set aside a little more for that special time of year?

Open a second savings account for the holidays!

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